Catch Wrestling United started as a forum thread on the Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Messageboards in the Grappling Forum section. With the advent and success of Mixed Martial Arts, especially the UFC, most grappling discussion tended to centre around Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while other grappling arts were often ignored and thought to be inferior. Wrestling, Judo and Sambo all have their own history and place in culture as well as their own success in full contact competition and yet BJJ or simply Jiu Jitsu is all the rage and all anyone seems to be able to talk about.

Out of these forum threads this blog and the linked message board was born, and it’s an opportunity to give freely to the public bits of news, editorial, history, technique and media related to one of the most interesting and exciting combative arts out there. Catch Wrestling United stands as a non-partisan resource free of the politics and in-fighting that can be prevalent in grappling communities. It is a not-for-profit site with advertising to help pay for the day to day and anual costs such as domain and webspace hosting, maintenance and development.

About the Author:

KJ Gould was the founding grappling editor for Bloody Elbow, a blog that covers Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports. He has covered the 2011-2013 NCAA Division 1 wrestling championship, the IBJJF Pan Ams and World Jiu Jitsu Championships, ADCC 2011 No Gi Submission Grappling tournament and 2012 Olympics for Freestyle Wrestling, and has written many articles on grappling technique and analysis for the site. His¬†background¬†in Martial Arts started in a Jeet Kune Do concepts art in the 1990’s with a focus on striking but a developing interest in grappling and ground fighting lead to his interest in submission based arts and Wrestling.

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