Ah, the sit-out. A fundamental technique across virtually all grappling arts, this staple of defensive wrestling  is essential for getting yourself out of potential danger.  The problem is often times it’s not coached particularly well outside of the wrestling room, where the difference in quality comes down to just the little details.

In this video CSW coaches Brian Yamasaki and Brandon Kiser of Damage Control MMA give an in depth look into the move, focusing on important details on posture and weight distribution taken from their shared coaching experiences with coaches like Rico Chiapparelli and Catch Wrestling Grandmaster Billy Robinson, before guiding us through a series of drills that will have you scrambling like the best of them.

So, next time you fail a shot, get caught in a Front Headlock or need to get away from someone trying to take your back or break you down from the referee’s position, you’ve got options to get yourself back in the fight.

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