Erik Paulson

Uncovered for the first time in over 10 years are 36 video clips of former Light Heavyweight Shooto champion and MMA coach extraordinaire Erik Paulson giving us short but sweet video instruction on a variety of positions and submissions. A handful of videos had appeared on YouTube in recent years, but the others were thought to be lost for good after initially appearing on a Martial Arts website in the pre-YouTube era.

Fortunately for everyone that might be interested, I had downloaded and burned these videos onto an old CD-R which turned up after some spring cleaning around the house.

The videos will be put on the Catch Wrestling United youtube channel free for all to watch, but here’s the one ‘Catch’: videos will be uploaded with more frequency the more the current videos get liked, commented on, and the channel gets more subscribers. So far the videos have had a few hundred views, but only a minimal number of likes, and at time of writing 20 subscribers.

If you like what you see and, share this article and these videos on your favourite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and so on.

Here’s the first video, there are two more currently so make sure you visit us on YouTube!

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