Silva lands a punch on Okami
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Disappointing. One word that sums up Yushin Okami’s performance. Okami is the latest fighter to fall into the trap of being hyptnotised by Anderson Silva’s snake like movement only to eventually fall to venomous strikes. Mixed Martial Arts’ pound for pound best fighter in the world and perhaps the best fighter of all time had his way once again as Okami, like many others, failed to pressure Silva for fear of being countered. Okami made no attempt to change levels and shoot on Silva, instead opting for a plodding yet hesitant one-two combo before attempting to engage in the clinch against the fence only never really pummeling for an advantage, content to land ineffectual shots from a single collar tie and limited elbow control. Silva wasn’t fazed one bit and the couple of times Okami tried to change levels from the clinch Anderson easily shrugged the attempt off with underhooks.

Okami just wasn’t there last night. Okami just seemed like he was waiting for it to the end as soon as the fight started.

Who can stop Anderson Silva? For as good as he undoubtedly is he’s benefited from competing in a division devoid of powerhouse wrestlers that can get in his face, pressure him and get him to the ground. Of the two genuine wrestlers he has faced he lost the first round to Dan Henderson and came back to finish in the second (after Henderson got into a standing exchange as he often does) and he lost 4 out of 5 rounds to Chael Sonnen, which could have been all 5 had Sonnen’s lack of submission defense not reared its ugly head.

Sonnen’s come the closest, and while a rematch was all the buzz as soon as the first fight finished the aftermath of his questionable Testosterone Replacement Therapy and not having his paperwork and therapeutic use exemption sorted before the most important fight of his career diminishes his first performance and causes doubt on whether his in ring skill will ever be given credibility because of the alleged Hormone Imbalanced Elephant in the room. Sonnen fights the tough, improving former Marine Brian Stann at UFC 136 in Houston, Texas – a state with one of the most lax Athletic Commissions in North America.

After the jump official ESPN video highlights of the fight.

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  • Xfreekx

    Really bummed in Okami’s performance. Reminds me of Jake Shields vs. GSP, no urgency in the takedown whatsoever. You can’t sit back and wait for the right time to shoot, it won’t come. You have to as Chael said ‘Run up to him, punch him in the mouth and put him on his butt.’

    I really thought Okami would have a better gameplan. As soon as Anderson has your timing/reach down, you’re done. Chael didn’t let him get settled, he rushed him with his hands up threw strikes and committed fully to every takedown.

    • Xfreekx

      Exactly. I only wrestled a tiny bit in high school but even I know that you can’t just drop to your knees and grab on to finish a takedown against these elite guys. You need to rush in with strikes, slam them against the fence and drive through them like you’re trying to break the cage. It drives me crazy to see these great wrestlers (or at least MMA wrestlers) shooting for weak td’s on their knees or half-committing when it’s their only path of victory.

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