The ability to break someone down and maintain pressure on an opponent is often absent from non-wrestling arts. While staying behind someone isn’t always a bad thing especially if you’re looking to leg ride, Oaklohoma Wrestling Coach Mark Cody calls this the ‘Chicken Zone’ because you’re not longer driving pressure into your opponent and you could end up wasting time when you could go for a pin.

This breakdown – part knee bump, part spiral ride – and maintenance of pressure leads to a hammerlock which can be used to pin in Folkstyle, or a submission in Catch or Submission Grappling. The exact same situation may not present itself in the latter but the concept is sound and worth exploring.

Video has been moved after the jump due to autoplay issues I can’t seem to turn off, as well as the additional video on finishing the Hammerlock, Catch Wrestling style with Bryan Danielson and Neil Melanson.

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