If there was ever a small print needed in the ‘Rules of Fight Club’ it would advise not to play footsies with one Masakazu Imanari. This self-proclaimed ‘God of Leglocks’ Combat Wrestler has been shredding ligaments and snapping bones for many a year and his sliding heelhook dynamic entry has become the stuff of internet legend. Often high risk and rarely dull, his success in modern times has only been so-so. He is however still in the Dream Featherweight Grand Prix in Japan which continues on September 26th and as long as he keeps fighting there’s always a chance of witnessing his Catch Wrestling absurdity on display.

In the mean time, this video acts as a refresher on just how dangerously unique this little Japanese fighter is. Dubbed ‘Satan’s Tango’, neither piece of music is with the second actually being a Waltz. But don’t let that ruin it for you.

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