Protect your knees!

Leg locks come in all shapes and sizes. Not all leg locks are created equally or pose the same threat of damage. The inverted heel-hook however is serious business as it goes after those useful knee ligaments that help hold the joint between your lower and upper leg in place. Yeah – you need that.

The Inverted Toe Lock as shown by Erik Paulson CSW affiliate coach Brain Yamasaki on willing victim and fellow affiliate coach Eddie Abney is a sneaky variant of this which can give opponents the false sense of security in believing “Yo’ got nothin‘” until they’re writhing around on the ground in agony a split second later requiring a rush to hospital and a minimum 6 month lay off. Yamasaki also shows a good takedown set-up from the clinch to get them into the danger zone. Somewhere in the world, Rousimar Palhares just got aroused.

Listen to Yamasaki describe his best practice for safely working the move in a compliant drill situation, advice on not doing it in sparring but use it to wreck a guy in competition no problem. Even then only use it on your opponent if he’s committed some crime against humanity like genocide or willingly wearing TapouT or Affliction without being sponsored by them.


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