In keeping form with the last entry I’d like to add one of my favorite Pancrase matches due to it’s fast paced action and Catch Wrestling technique.

This incredible match took place on July 6 1994 in Japan.  While this may be an exhibition match, I think that it is still a prime example with many of the hallmarks of Catch Wrestling. At 3:16-3:21 check out the double under hooks/suplex to side control.  This set up Matt Hume in the right position for the submission attempt ( Top Double Wristlock) at 3:25. While this attempt failed, Mr. Hume chained immediately with an Arm Bar attempt at 3:28.

At 3:33, while Ken Shamrock was in a referee’s position ( or turtle guard), we see an interesting rolling escape, were both fighters scrambled on to there feet and Ken gets the headlock and subsequent take-down.

There are many examples in this match of technique and strategy unique to Catch-as Catch-Can wrestling in this match, and is a source inspiration and ideas for our own matches.

– Shulom

Matt Hume v Ken Shamrock – Pancrase Road to the Championship 2

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