Bleacher Report continues the trend of MMA blogs increasing their coverage of Catch Wrestling with a short but sweet article on the British / Japanese connection in Mixed Martial Arts and submission grappling. Britain’s Michael Bisping takes on Japan’s Yoshihiro Akiyama this Saturday though we may not see any Catch influenced grappling on the card.

Paul Sass makes his UFC debut on Saturday and fights out of Kaobon MMA gym in Liverpool. Two coaches there have Catch backgrounds of sorts: Marcelo Brigadeiro is the Luta Livre coach which is like a Brazilian Catch Wrestling that has had a rivalry with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene for many years. And Shane Rigby is the Catch Wrestling coach where he learned under Roy Wood who officially took over the Snake Pit from Billy Riley in the 1970’s. The Snake Pit closed down but moved up the road to become the Aspull Wrestling Club which still operates to this day and trains men and women to become wrestlers capable of competing in the Commonwealth and Olympic Games in Freestyle wrestling.

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