With wrestling programs being cut across the United States, colleges are starting to turn to MMA and its Wrestling based stars to help fund raise for collegiate wrestling programs. Even Dana White has said if need be, he would put the weight of the UFC, MMA’s top promoter, behind money-raising efforts to help D-I wrestling.

There’s an in depth commentary by Sports Illustrated’s Josh Gross which is worth a read and worth spreading around to anyone who has an interest in helping save college wrestling programs.

Click here for the article.

Story Highlights

  • A professional MMA card raised funds for saving Cal Poly’s wrestling program
  • Many universities would rather focus on revenue sports, endangering wrestling
  • Each of the 47 Americans signed to the UFC roster has some college experience
  • Petrefax

    Yeah unfortunately college football is king because it generates so much money for the schools. Even traditional powers in other sports don’t do as well as schools who are college football powerhouses especially the South Eastern Conference schools who don’t give a damn about any other sport except for college football. But with the rise of MMA hopefully the symbiosis of MMA and collegiate wrestling will continue to be fruitful.

  • Phil

    You forgot the most important issue- Title IX. The universities are cutting men’s wrestling to fund women’s sports.

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