Jordan Breen of discusses the recent notion of there being “Too much wrestling in MMA” and thankfully pans both the fighters making the complaints (who more than coincidentally have big holes in their wrestling game) and also certain members of the MMA media who are giving them a platform just to generate web traffic. Incidentally, the commentary that kick started it all by Dan Hardy has been joined by an updated statement where Hardy clarifies his problems are with stalling as a strategy, and not specifically wrestling.

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  • Phil

    Hardy is correct. The American wrestling fighting style of takedown, laying on chest, and a few head punches is boring. The Japanese catch wrestling/sambo style is exciting. The Japanese catch wrestlers went for submissions at all times, not just to control the other person the whole fight. I’m glad that there are some English fighters who will tell the truth. Make the American wrestlers watch highlights of Sakuraba, Genki Sudo, Funaki, Daijiro Matsui and others.

  • Phil

    Watch the Daisuke Nakamura vs Hideo Tokoro(student of Maeda) match. Continuous submision to submission attempts. That is great, exciting catch wrestling. One of the best Catch mma matches ever. Send this match to John Fitch.

    The Daisuke Nakamura vs Bogdan Cristea match in Bodog is another example of exciting catch wrestling. Just going for submissions. Not just trying to control the opponent the whole freaking match. Not trying to win by takedown attempts.

    K.J.-How about doing some posts about these fights? Highlight these exciting catch wrestlers.

  • Phil

    Oops, Sorry!! The Nakamura vs Bogdan match was in M-1 Challenge, not Bodog.

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