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The 8th Pancrase Pro-Amateur Open Catch Wrestling Tournament will take place on the 19th and there are some interesting grapplers who have signed up.

The -60kg class features some fun names in Flyweight King Of Pancrase Kiyotaka Shimizu, MMA fighter Takumi Murata, and Paraestra Hachioji’s Joji Shimada.

SRC training player Minoru Takeuchi (chosen at 2nd trial) will participate in the -70kg class. He won the 2009 All-Japan Shooto Grappling Tournament and 2010 Kantou Amateur Shooto Freshman Tournament.

MMA fighter Asaki Honda, great grappler Kohei Yasumi, and 37 year old Taku Aramaki will also participate in the -70kg class.

SRC training player Sotaro Yamada, who is now most known for his groin shots to Leo Santos at SRC14, will participate in both the -80kg and -100kg classes.

After a brief search I’m not sure who else might be covering the event. The Pancrase World championships took place earlier this year in Colorado where BJJ Blackbelt and Catch Wrestling enthusiast Brandon Ruiz took part. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and post results and videos if and when I find them.

Update: It’s tomorrow in Tokyo at the Tokyo Gorudojimusausu ANNEX Venue. Doors at 11:00 and it starts at 11:30.

Tournament participants after the jump:

<Players participating> (from Google Translate)
■ 60kg class under
Kiyotaka Shimizu (SK Absolute / Flyweight King of Pancrase)
Takashi Makoto Murata (Japanese art Hui boat met A-3 / 4 ranked bantamweight Pancrase)
Shimada two tablets (Hachioji Palaestra)

■ 70kg class under
Aramaki Taku (Pancrase P’s LAB Yokohama)
Kohei eight corners (LOTUS Setagaya Palaestra)
Morning Tree Honda (Pancrase P’s LAB Yokohama / class championship Neo・Buraddo・Tonamentoueruta 2006)
Takeuti Minoru (Tokyo Palaestra)

■ 80kg class under
Yu Tomiyama Hiroshi (Yokohama Pancrase P’sLAB / lightweight runner Neoburaddotonamento 2009)
Yamada Takashi 太郎 (BRAVE / SRC player development)

■ 100kg class under
Yamada Takashi 太郎 (BRAVE / SRC player development)

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